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Nutritionnal monitoring

Nutrition is a science that aims to study the relationship between food and health. Thanks to which your nutritherapist is able to support you towards an optimal balance in substrates (lipids, carbohydrates, proteins), vitamins and minerals, meeting your needs.

Because beyond the pleasure that a good meal provides, eating consists in providing the precious stones necessary for the proper functioning of our organism, thus making us beings in full physical and mental health.

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For who?

Nutrition and micro nutrition respond to many health issues and particular life situations, here are some examples in wich you may identify yourself:

Whatever your diet:

You want to do a food rebalancing for your well-being or to lose weight

You are prone to stress, insomnia, you are preparing for an exam, you have difficulties concentrating

You are at risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus or gestational diabetes, you have high blood pressure

Sugar and cravings invade you, you need help to get out of this spiral

You have specific problems: digestive discomfort, premenstrual syndrome, disorders related to menopause

You are pregnant, breastfeeding or going through postpartum and you need help to find your balance

You are athletic and want to adapt your diet to the intensity of your training and/or improve your performances

The plant-based corner:

You want to add more greens without switching to a specific alternative diet

You want to make a dietary transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet

Your child or teenager expresses the desire to make a food transition and you want to support them as best as possible in their approach

You are pregnant or breastfeeding and wish to benefit from nutritional support with your plant-based diet

You are athletic and want to switch to plant-based diet to increase your performances or out of a conviction.

" My main goal is to pass on my knowledge to my patients and to anyone who wishes to take care of their body."


Individual consultation

Complete diet assessment + personalized advice according to your goals.

First consultation: 1h-120 CHF
Follow up: 45min – 90 CHF

Duo consultation

Complete diet assessment + personalized advice according to your goals.

First consultation: 1h30 – 180 CHF
Follow up: 1h – 130 CHF

Family consultation (4 people max)

Evaluation complète de l’alimentation + conseils personnalisés selon vos objectifs.

Première consultation : 1h45 – 210 CHF
Suivi : 1h20 – 170 CHF

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