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Alternative diets,
the center of my approach

I am Marion Berthier, nutritherapist, and as far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by nature and how rich the fauna and the flaura are. I grew up on the coast of britanny, in France and I spent years observing the biotop swarming in ponds, under rocks and even in the sand when the ocean recedes. Every summer, at every sunset I would pick fresh blackberries from the cliffs and sit on a rock by the ocean so close that the waves would splash on my face.

Life on the coast is usually associated to a diet full of fish and shellfish. This could probably explain why I never develop the taste for meat.
After a wonderful experience of my vegan pregnancy in a society that is mostly omnivore, I choose to improve my knowledge in alternative diets.

About me

"Welcome to my approach on how to feed today."


A close follow up
with respect and well being

Whether it is in the context of pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause. No matter your age or your concerns, I am able to offer you a dietary model that fits your needs, providing you with the professional support you deserve.

My goal is that everyone feels free to serenely approach the diet of his choice wether it is for ethical, environmental or for any other reasons that I do not know yet.

My practice is equally aimed to people who wish to carry out a food rebalancing, whatever their diet and their beliefs, as well as people wishing to put more greens on their plates without the desire to belong to any group or social category.

My coaching

Support format that adapts to your needs

Nutritional monitoring


Today the interest in food is at the center of public health concerns, particularly with regard to cardiovascular, inflammatory diseases and cancers. The medical world agrees that we fundamentally need to provide a significant amount of whole food, plants, unprocessed and good fats to our plates in order to have a positive influence on our physical and mental health.

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Cooking workshop

Adults- Parents- Parents-children

I am committed to offer culinary workshops for individual sessions, in small groups and also on various themes in order to share my knowledge with you. I wish to help you in your personal organization at home by providing you with tips to make your daily life easier. Wether you are alone, a couple, or a parent(s), I adapt to your constraints and your needs. I will help you find your balance and adopt good habits in the kitchen thanks to my 10 years of experience in the catering trades, particularly in professional kitchens as a pastry chef.

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